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KR Dakshina Murthy & Dakshayini

I would like to take this opportunity to pass my thanks to the management the teachers at Hill Rock National Public School. Mr .B. Pushpak the secretary a brilliant, focused and very humble person who personally came along with us and explained about the school, their facilities and their future expansion plans too. One thing I was very impressed and happy to see that their family itself is involved in the running the school i.e. right from the Chairman, President, Academic Co ordinator, Administrative Co – Co ordinator and Secretary . This gave me a very clear indication that these people are very serious and focused on the school which is actually true and we have absorbed from the 2015.

Ms. Shailja was of course a brilliant teacher to Ksirodakasayi when we first arrived for the LKG in 2015, but I have been really impressed with Miss Manjula this term. Ksiro has shown a huge shift in maturity, interest in learning and penmanship in just a few weeks. She has developed both educationally and in her personality. I am proud of her confident natures, her enthusiasm for all things (she always full of ideas and energetic) and her positive attitude. I believe it is the combination of school and Kids Stop that has worked so well together to help make my child well-rounded. The fact that my child Ksiro like and enjoy school is a testament to you all. Thank you to everyone at Hill Rock National Public School. I wish them all the best for all their future endeavors.